Sickeningly Sweet

some of my pretty pods .

finally !

i am absolutely loving my OmniPod and all the freedom that comes with it; no more constant injections! i can eat as much or as little as i want instead of having a set scale of insulin and forcing myself to eat more! it’s so tiny and unnoticeable; i can literally go on and on..

also my fear .


I fear that my diabetes is going to turn off any romantic relationship I want to have.

awkward diabetic moment .

That awkward moment when you feel your sugar dropping but you’re too tired to get up and do anything about it. 


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omnipod !

i just got the call that the omnipod system will be covered 100% and is on its way to my house! i am so excited to have a little more freedom! i cant wait to start pump therapy and see how it makes me feel! 

oh sugars .

so my sugars have been pretty good today, i hit 95 so i obviously ran to my peanut butter jar and grabbed a couple of spoonfuls, so effin’ delicious.. going to see my endo on thursday and hopefully being put on the Omnipod sometime in the next week or so; super excited for more freedom!


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type 1 .

march 11th 2013; the day I found out I had type 1 diabetes. well, I actually found out about two days later due to the fact that I went into DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) and was out of it for a couple days, but yea. this blog is not gonna be about me complaining or whining about my diagnosis, but there will be a fair share of frustration and worries cause that where i’m at right now, and lets be honest, I’m a 22 year old whos life was just changed, i’m allowed to vent.